Dentist experience

today, i went to dentist to check up my pain teeth. i don’t have any strength to keep this pain anymore, so it brought me to a big decision, go to a dentist. after several hour which make me quite angry, because of several uncomfortable services (actually, almost all public service in my country is uncomfortable :) )

there is special part i like just now, when a dentist dug my pain teeth, it’s really pain and can’t describe in word. from dentist, i have to go to my client (*** Bank). i thought something strange allong the street, that how pain my teeth when a dentist dug, how about if my head dug ???.

my religion, islam, we trust that there is still a life after our death, it’s called by akhirat. all of people in this world will responsible for all who all ever done during his life. if you did a goodness, you will enter paradise, and vice versa hell. of course, all os us know about the condition of hell, full of suffering and no happiness.

so, be a good person if you still a person who could’nt hold a pain of teeth and hate to feel in suffering.

– marifnst –

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