Do you trust love can be expired?

Yesterday, I always praise you by poet

I always give you smile in whatever my feel

I always ask your condition although I had known

No time except you in my brain and heart

But, is there problem until you did that to me?

You leave me arbitrarily without reason

Cause of another person, new person who filled your heart after me

No information, no confirmation about this to me

When I asked this, you were angry and told that it was my fault

You blame me without giving me chance to explain

I was sad, I felt heart attack

I tried to be patient and accepted this sincerely

I tried to forget you and felt difficult to lose our memory

I always ask, “Why you did this? Don’t you ever think about our memory?”

But, cause of my deeply love, I accept this…

After several time,

I lose your information and have gotten new life without you

I feel free about feeling and activity

But you come again to me suddenly

You asked my condition and gave attention me always

What’s wrong with you dear?

I want to be honest to you

I am sorry I can’t give you my heart

I have locked our memory and grave it into center of my heart

And never want to bring out back again

Maybe we have to realize something

Something important!!!

We have to realize that we have our self way

And please, don’t try to disturb my way

My heart never can accept you again

But, maybe we can make another relationship

As a friend or soul mate

Thx, 30-3 2010

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