Happiness VS Sadness

When you live you will find happiness even sadness. You always forget real purpose in your life when happiness come to you, so you forget sadness will come suddenly to change your life. In happy time, you will think you’re the luckiest person, enjoying life with your friend, use all your time to do all activity with smile.

From happiness, it has a different feeling when sadness comes to your life. Yesterday you enjoyed with your friend, but suddenly you have to deal with conditions that make you down even depression. You think that is world filled by injustice and god leave you.

This is what we can discuss together about life, what is the purpose of our life?. I’m sure all of you have different opinion, maybe one opinion agree that god leave us, other opinion maybe say that we don’t need care with this life, just do it.

I conclude that this life has a secret that must be revealed and bring you to real happiness.

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