Personal Statement 1

My name is Muhammad Arif Nasution. My nick name is Arif. I was born in Jakarta 18th Oct 1990. I have one brother and one sister. I graduated from Telkom Institute Technology (now Telkom University) for Informatics Engineering degree.

I have many experiences in adventure, like hiking, rafting, etc. I have best experiences in my life that increase my spirit to make me even my country better. When I create agenda in Tangsijaya Elementary School, I saw a student who brought an ice box. That student sold an ice to her friend during school. I was affected that time and finally make me promise to myself that I have to improve education in this country. Student in the city maybe doesn’t need to do like that tangsijaya student did, but usually student in the city more relax to finish their study because of parent financial establishment of their parent.

I heard a lot of information that study in Europe is better than study in my country. The different is education system that could make a student better in skill even character. So, I have to study in Europe to know Europe education system and I can implement it in my country to improve education system.

Furthermore, I’m a person who can adapt in many conditions based on my experiences during my life and hobby in adventure.  I’m sure that I wouldn’t make you regret when I accept this fellowship because of ability in adaptation.

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