SSMS is very useful for all SQL Server maniacs to help doing something, like query execution or database administration by GUI. Several of them are create, backup and drop database. I really curious how to create, backup or drop database using query, so, these all what I got from

[code language=”sql”]
— sample create database with default or automatic configuration

— backup file database
BACKUP DATABASE [aaa] TO DISK = N’C:program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQL10_50.MSSQLSERVER2008MSSQLBackupaaa.bak’
WITH NOFORMAT, — Specifies that the backup operation preserves the existing media header and backup sets on the media volumes used for this backup operation. This is the default behavior.
NOINIT, — Indicates that the backup set is appended to the specified media set, preserving existing backup sets. If a media password is defined for the media set, the password must be supplied. NOINIT is the default.
NAME = N’aaa-Full Database Log Backup’,
SKIP, — Disables the checking of backup set expiration and name that is usually performed by the BACKUP statement to prevent overwrites of backup sets.
NOREWIND, — Specifies that SQL Server will keep the tape open after the backup operation.
NOUNLOAD, — Specifies that after the BACKUP operation the tape will remain loaded on the tape drive.
STATS = 10 — Displays a message each time another percentage completes, and is used to gauge progress. If percentage is omitted, SQL Server displays a message after each 10 percent is completed.

— drop database

I hope this help.

Marifnst, 2013-09-11

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