At Least, I Write …

Sometimes you feel that your brain doesn’t work well. It seems you need to do something different or an activity that force your brain to work again. That’s what I do now, I write arbitrary thing to solve that. Usually your brain doesn’t work well because of life’s problem. A problem that you get in your work place, house, or even from your friend.

I remembered word from my boss, life is beautiful because of uncertainty. If this life was filled by certain condition, problem, family, money, this life will be flat. So problem that you get in your life, you must build your heart because heart is main driver of your brain. If you ask me, how to build strong heart?, I’ll give you an answer that you have to come to your god. God is the only one who can change your feeling, from happy to sad, from angry to be relaxed, etc.

Because of this crazy writing, I can say to you…Come to your GOD!!!

Marifnst, 2013-12-13

this writing was Inspired by holy Friday.

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