Fighting With Sleep

When I need my body available to accompany me in understanding back propagation algorithm, the uninvited guest or sleepy was coming. Hey sleepy, don’t you now I do this all for all people I love, my parent, brother, sister and of course my future wife. At least I have to understand this algorithm this month, read many papers and find a topic to be proposed as my thesis topic.

Sometimes, I smile whenever I see whatever I write, especially for this category. One of my writing styles that I intend to improve my writing skill in English, and of course to find new vocabulary I can use in my future place amen. I know that I must be hurry in preparing submission for Europe University, to get a fellowship. I haven’t follow IELTS examination which it’s one of requisite to get a fellowship in overseas. At least, I’m happy today that my lecturer was agree to give me a recommendation, may ALLAH always keep him safe and health.

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