Poor or Consumtive ?

Traffic jam is one of problem occurred in Jakarta, capital of Indonesia. It’s caused by Jakarta people prefer using personal than public transportation. Furthermore, public transportation in Jakarta still has many problems should be solved like a medium bus (kopaja, metro mini, etc.) that lot of them has achieved maturity date, or passenger safety that still must be first priority.

Main problem here is about people who use personal transport. Usually, we found news that Indonesia still has many poor person, or people who live with low life standard. But other phenomenon occurred when seeing in Jakarta highway, you will find many luxurious transport even car or motorcycle on the highway. So, is that news fact ?.

The fact is Indonesia is rich country with many rich people lives inside. Rich people may have a lot of money, but do not necessarily have a sense of caring.


Note : this writing is still incomplete, I have to improve my English writing skill again :).

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