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My friends, I wrote this letter when my heart was angry caused by trouble come to me. One of trouble is from my sister that she blamed me because of her own fault, and I got problem again because I had forgotten to collect my opinion task for SG lesson. I felt angry for a while, beside of seeking the source of this problem. After thinking deeply, I said to my heart “have I to be angry to face this problem?, “why do not I look for a solution?”.

From incident above, I concluded:

  1. The influence of pray is amazing. I said that because of see myself. When I pray on time and try to reduce my sin in my daily activity, I can relax inside my problem and feel easy to solve it, no angry and no ratty.
  2. All of people need equanimity and have to strengthen their emotional and spiritual, so their intelligence can flow fluently to get a solution from their problem. From many history of success person, many of them are lazy in their study at school, but they still seek something they like and study hard for it. And the last, they succeed cause of their beloved world.

Therefore, from a question, “what must I do to solve this problem?”, the answer is easy to be found. Try to increase the quality of your worship, such as zikr or do sunnah worship, so our heart can be calm, peace, easy in thinking until our intelligence can give a solution automatically.

From an answer above can describe too why a diligent person in worship often relax and calm seen, beside a person who far from their god will be bored with their life and no peace inside heart. The important part is every problem in this life has source or caused by our self deliberately or not, for good purpose especially bad intent.

“Muse every problem that come to you, seek a source and blame him

Thx, 14-3-2010

Vocabulary :

Equanimity : ketenangan

Strengthen : memperkuat

Deliberately : sengaja

Muse : merenungi

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