My Tutorial of JAVA :

  1. Effective JAVA
  2. JVM’s Structure (Theory)
  3. Array in JAVA (Theory)
  4. Hello World
  5. Playing With JAVA GUI
  6. Text To Table
  7. Execute Stored Procedures in JAVA
  8. Tutorial Text Database (HSQLDB) or slideshare version
  9. Tutorial JAVA & MySQL or slideshare version
  10. Tutorial Writer & Reader Excel (Apache POI)
  11. Tutorial Windows Service with JAVA (procrun) or slideshare version
  12. Tutorial Web Service (Web & Client) With Spring Web Services or slideshare version
  13. Sample Jasper Report (Design With Ireport & Code Sample) or slideshare version
  14. Tutorial Hello World Web Services With Apache CXF or slideshare version
  15. Tutorial Android With JAVA
  16. Simulasi Quartz
  17. Quartz di JAVA Web
  18. Excel To HTML


  1. Total Bilangan Prima (JAVA)
  2. Contoh Validasi (JAVA)
  3. JAVA XML Validator
  4. Allowing Static Resources Access of Spring Security
  5. Sample Encrypt & Decrypt String in Java
  6. JAVA Web Crawler Using Jsoup
  7. How To Connect JAVA To MongoDB
  8. How to Call Oracle Procedure (With Return Query) in JAVA


  1. How To Include All Dependencies Jar into Main Jar Maven
  2. Dynamic Artifact Id Name in Maven
  3. Multiple DockerFile using Docker-Compose
  4. Sample Samba Connection in JAVA
  5. Sample Decompression in JAVA (Using Apache Common Compress)
  6. Sample Checksum in JAVA (Using Message Digest)


Muhammad Arif Nasution

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